Khushi Agrawal

Khushi Agrawal

Programming blog of Khushi Agrawal.

About Me

I'm an enthusiastic developer with pretty good experience in open-source projects. I have experience with PyTorch and CuPy's codebase. I intend to work on them. I've also contributed to NumPy.

I'm a student pursuing graduation at the International Institute of Information Technology, Raipur, India.

My programming blog mainly focuses on interesting concepts of C++, PyTorch, CuPy, CUDA, Compilers, and my exciting experiences. I love studying them. I like working on the backend and optimizing my code.

Currently, I'm focusing on PyTorch development, Compilers and improving my C++ skills.

GSI Technology

Compiler Developer; Contributing to LFortran and LPython

Sept'23 - Present

Google Summer of Code

Student Software Developer; Contributed to CuPy

June'22 - Sept'22

Quansight Labs

Software Engineer Internship; Contributed to NumPy

July'21 - Sept'21

Things that keep me Hooked

PyTorch Related

C++ Stuff

  • CppCon — Link
  • C++ Weekly With Jason Turner — Link

Deep Learning

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